Case Studies

 "With our own sixty-year history of publishing books and periodicals in the Mid-Atlantic region, Cooke Publishing Company has engaged Gray Trucking Company for more than fifty of our years. Gray Trucking Company has delivered our finished publications to customers, and transferred raw materials from our multiple suppliers and manufacturers. Cooke Publishing Company takes great pride in providing Integrity and Service and we appreciate and acknowledge Gray Trucking's cooperation and partnership in doing the same for us. We are proud to identify Gray to our customers, and tell them "to look for the truck with Large Gray Trucking Logo displayed on the side in red." We have compliments from our customers spanning many years, acknowledging Gray's extension of our own personal service."

 -Lou Guarrieri, President, Cooke Publishing Company


“For more than 20 years, Gray Trucking has been a trusted carrier for Boise Paper in the Norrtheast. I know first hand the countless times we have called upon you to help us with some difficult deliveries. So, when I was presented with two “impossible” situations recently, I knew exactly who to call.

In the first situation, I needed to get a roll of paper from New Jersey to our mill in International Falls, Minnesota. It was Friday evening and I needed the delivery to occur no later than Monday morning. Within 30 minutes, you had the equipment arranged and the delivery was made Sunday morning, 24 hours sooner than any of us at Boise dreamt was possible.

In the second situation, we learned at 4pm that we needed two truckloads delivered to Scranton, PA by 8pm that evening. All of our other resources came up short. One call to you was all it took to make the deliveries happen.

I am not surprised that you accepted these challenges, but I continue to be amazed and forever thankful for you and your hard working professional drivers and others within Gray Trucking for “turning the impossible into the possible”. When I need it delivered, I know who to call”

-Dale Groetsema: Supply chain Leader. Boise Paper